Yu Her Bao

An Epicurean of genuine Cantonese cuisine

Dive into the essence of modern Chinese cuisine at Yu Her Bao, nestled within the Mercure Surawong, where tradition meets contemporary elegance. Yu Her Bao stands as a beacon of culinary innovation, drawing inspiration from the mystique of jade and the rich tapestry of Chinese culture. Here, guests are invited to explore a menu that reimagines traditional Chinese dishes through the lens of modern gastronomy, all while celebrating the wealth of Thai ingredients. 

Indulge in a feast for the senses with Yu Her Bao’s offerings, from succulent seafood to aromatic signature soups and exquisitely crafted dim sum. Each dish is a testament to the Chinese culinary world prepared with authentic Chinese techniques. We invite you to a dining experience that elevates traditional Chinese cuisine to new heights, blending innovative cooking methods and fresh presentations with the deep-rooted heritage of Chinese gastronomy. At our Restaurant in Surawong, every meal is not just eaten; it’s experienced.