Starlight Rooftop Bar

Elevate Traditions, Savour the Skyline.

Head up to the Starlight Rooftop Bar, a high-end escape towering over Surawong’s lively streets, providing a city haven under the stars. This place blends the vibrant energy of Bangkok’s nightlife with the peacefulness of the night sky, offering a unique atmosphere that’s both exciting and calming. Starlight Rooftop Bar isn’t just a location; it’s a gateway to experiencing Bangkok’s impressive skyline, with the added touch of our DJs’ beats and special events. 

The essence of Starlight is captured by Gongson Sonti, a skilled mixologist whose journey from an emerging talent to a cocktail expert tells its own story. Gongson’s drinks pay tribute to Thai heritage, combining traditional tastes with modern mixology to create a cocktail experience that spans from the historical to the avant-garde. Our signature Thai-inspired cocktails, such as the vibrant Bangkok Night, the aromatic Malai, and the hearty Siam Sour, reflect Bangkok’s lively nightlife with an inventive spin. 

At the heart of Starlight Rooftop Bar is our commitment to genuine Thai hospitality. Our focus on service means every visitor enjoys a thoughtful, caring experience. Whether you’re enjoying the sunset or dancing into the night, Starlight offers moments of sophisticated urban charm and natural allure that stay with you, making it a memorable feature of Bangkok’s skyline.