Restaurants & Bars

Join us on a culinary journey filled with curious colours, traditional tastes and aromas of the local neighbourhood.

Our “Discover Local” program, brings the passion for local Food and Beverage discoveries to life through our restaurants in Surawong at Mercure Bangkok.

We take heart and inspiration from local food treasures and beverage pleasures. We celebrate the history of the local Surawong neighbourhood people as the cornerstones of Thai-Chinese culture.

Rediscover tradition at our authentic Chinese restaurant, Yu Her Bao. Celebrating the Thai-Chinese heritage of the local neighbourhood, our Chef reimagines his cherished grandmother’s recipes garnished with contemporary artistry to bring a nostalgic Cantonese fine-dining experience.

As the Bangkok sun sets, our Starlight rooftop bar comes alive with signature cocktails, delectable appetisers and entertainment. An escape set in the skies, sip cocktails crafted with rare Thai herbs, each telling a tale of tradition, presented with contemporary flair.

Serving a mesmerising blend of the past and present, it’s a journey through time and taste at Restaurants in Surawong.