Trendy hotel in Silom

Are you looking for a trendy place to stay in Silom? As you know Silom is one of Bangkok’s liveliest areas. Filled with popular attractions and a lot of fun things to do around this or the bustling streets. To go out and explore to the fullest choice of accommodation always matters. And here is why Mercure Bangkok Surawong is the best trendy hotel in Silom.


Experience the best trendy hotel in Silom 2024

Our Mercure Bangkok Surawong, it’s the place where stories wait to be told. Hence, explore, discover, and create unforgettable moments with us. Here, we are more than just a place to stay; we craft experiences that become part of your travel tale.

Imagine walking into our lobby and feeling the energy of Bangkok surrounding you. You will find your own story here at our trendy hotel in Silom, no matter if it’s a solo adventure or a family vacation. Promising, our blend of tradition and modernity captures the essence of this vibrant city seamlessly.

Furthermore, our hotel in Silom is all about immersing you in the local scene. With our love for local eats, shopping, and sightseeing, we are your ticket to explore Bangkok’s hidden treasures. From indulging in authentic dishes to exploring the amazing street foods nearby, every moment is a chance to stumble upon something special.

Staying in the lively Silom district, our hotel is a hub for business, creativity, culture, and nightlife. You can chill in our courtyard hideouts or enjoy the skyline from our privileged rooms, each detail reflects Bangkok’s diverse vibe—in both atmosphere and style.

But Mercure Bangkok Surawong isn’t just a hotel; it’s the backdrop for your adventure. It’s where the city’s beat meets your peaceful retreat, where every stay is a fresh chapter waiting to be lived.

Mercure Bangkok Surawong

What makes Mercure Bangkok Surawong stand out among other hotels in Silom

Enter our accommodation in Bangkok, where comfort meets curiosity, and outside, a courtyard bathed in sunlight awaits your gaze. Among the city’s bustle, these rooms are your oasis—a place to relax and rejuvenate after a day of adventure.

As soon as you walk into our rooms, you will feel surrounded by a blend of comfort and sophistication. The vibe invites you to relax and enjoy the luxurious atmosphere. Our design reflects “Urban Elegance,” using cool grays, muted blues, and soft golds. Together, along with modern finishes and natural textures to capture the city’s dynamic spirit. Every aspect of our design is carefully chosen to blend contemporary style with timeless elegance.

Furthermore, in our 219 locally inspired rooms, you will find hints of the city’s rich cultural heritage. From modern furnishings to intricate details honoring the city’s past, every part of our design has a story to tell. Hence, explore the history and tradition of our vibrant city right from your room.

From the comfy bedding to the luxurious amenities, every detail is considered to create a space that’s welcoming and inspiring. Promisingly, our rooms offer the perfect place to unwind, recharge, and appreciate the beauty around you.

Yet, this trendy hotel isn’t just about rooms. Head to our Starlight Rooftop Bar Bangkok for cocktails with breathtaking 360° panoramic views of the city skyline. With space for up to 50 guests, this exclusive venue is perfect for any occasion, from intimate gatherings to corporate functions. You can hold a birthday bash, a cocktail party, or a business meeting. Also, our Rooftop Venue provides a unique and impressive setting for a truly memorable event.

Moreover, don’t miss out on the delicious food waiting for you. Here, we serve both authentic Chinese dishes and tasty Thai treats on Surawong’s lively streets. Taste the deliciousness because every meal is a chance to dive into Bangkok’s diverse culinary world.


Enjoy various activities to do around Surawong Road

things to do in Surawong

From cultural attractions to culinary delights, here are some fun things to do around Silom and Surawong Road.

Shopping at bustling markets

Explore the lively markets of Surawong, filled with colorful stalls offering local crafts and tasty street snacks. Bargain for souvenirs and soak up the lively vibe—you won’t want to miss it! There’s a lot of fun awaiting you to explore.

Try out various cuisines

Surawong Road is a food lover’s dream, packed with loads of places dishing out delicious Thai food. Whether you’re craving fragrant curries or spicy street snacks, you will find plenty to satisfy your cravings. And, don’t miss the chance to taste authentic Chinese cuisine in Bangkok at Yu Her Bao Restaurant.

At Yu Her Bao, we are all about culinary creativity, taking cues from jade and the vibrant tapestry of Chinese culture. Therefore, dive into a menu that gives classic Chinese dishes a modern twist, highlighting the richness of Thai ingredients. At our Yu Her Bao, every meal is not just eaten; it’s experienced.

Shopping til you drop

Explore Surawong Road for a fantastic shopping experience with hidden treasures waiting to be discovered. As you wander along this lively street, you will be immersed in a colorful world of sights, sounds, and smells. From traditional markets bursting with local crafts to chic boutiques showcasing the latest fashion trends.

Whatever you’re hunting for, Surawong Road offers endless excitement. Take in the vibrant atmosphere, try delicious street food, and explore hidden gems as you shop to your heart’s content along this iconic Bangkok street.

Explore Silom nightlife

As the sun sets, Surawong Road comes alive with a vivid nightlife scene. From trendy rooftop bars to traditional Thai pubs, there’s no shortage of options for a night out on the town. Sip cocktails, dance the night away, and soak up the electrifying atmosphere.

Fun activities at Lumpini Park

Hop on a cute duck boat and glide along the peaceful lake, surrounded by beautiful greenery. If you’re feeling more energetic, rent a bike and explore the park’s trails. Then, take in a natural beauty as you pedal around.

When it’s time to relax, lay out a picnic blanket under a shady tree and enjoy a delicious outdoor meal with loved ones. More activities that you can create by yourself and enjoy the atmosphere of the park. All you have to do is just have fun and breathe in some fresh air at Lumpini Park.


Get the perfect budget-friendly travel experience in Thailand with our 4-star trendy hotel in Silom

Here, at Mercure Bangkok Surawong, we offer you an “Advance Saver” package. Book early to enjoy big savings on accommodation without losing quality. Choose from room-only or room-with-breakfast options and start counting down to your dream getaway. Just know that every detail will be taken care of by our team.

Mercure Bangkok Surawong is your gateway to exploring the vibrant Surawong neighborhood. At the hotel, we offer cozy King and Twin rooms and authentic dining experiences. Whether you want to stay active in our fitness center or catch up on work in our co-working spaces, we’ve got you covered.

Book in advance to save up to 15%, with an extra 10% discount for Accor Plus members. You’ll also get complimentary Wi-Fi and the chance to earn ALL-Accor Live Limitless Reward Points and Benefits. If you are not a member, register to be our member now. Embrace the moment, do more, and experience the best of Thailand with the best rates available.

At Mercure Bangkok Surawong, your travel experiences don’t just fill the pages of a generic story—they become chapters in a journey that’s uniquely yours and the lively Bangkok. So why settle for ordinary when you can be ready for an adventure with us? Your next unforgettable journey awaits here at our stylish and trendy hotel in Silom.